Since 1976 the festival has had it's own festival Queen and her court. Applicants to the festival must be local, and all applications are judged by a panel before crowning the reigning winners prior to the festival parade. The Queens court is comprised of these titles. Holiday festival Queen, Snow Princess, Little miss snow flake, and lastly little Jack frost.

Each pageant title has age ranges, and applicants must complete an interview, and application to be considered as reining Festival Royalty. There are hundreds of festivals in Ohio, each with their own Queen and court. According to regulations set up by the Ohio Festival, and Events Association these Festival Royalty then must travel during the year appearing in festivals all over Ohio. Giving these young people lots of self confidence, social and communication skills to gain a competitive edge to succeed in the future by gaining a competitive edge to succeed later in whatever field you may choose, from modeling to business.