Q) I heard about your craft show in the newspaper, what are the requirements?

A) Using the drop down menus above, locate the craft show tab, and then select the craft show application form. In that window you will find a PDF file, open it in a window, and once open right click on the file to download on your home computer. Once downloaded the file will give you all the requirements of the show and festival.

Q) Is the craft show juried, and what does this mean?

A) Good question! Yes the show is juried, and this simply means that the crafts that you make must be judged by a committee for approval prior to you being accepted into the show. Please download the craft show application for full instructions on how to submit your photographs of your items.

Q) Do you have any openings left for the craft show?

A) Please use the contact us form on the bottom of the homepage, the number of booths open changes week to week, and hour to hour. All you really need to know is the deadline for accepting craft show applications is November 1st.

Q) What is the fee for renting a booth?

A) Exhibitors wishing to rent booth space in our craft show will pay $55 per 8ft by 10ft space, and $45 for every 4ft by 10ft space for the entire weekend. No exhibitor can have more than 3 spaces total. The craft show is a two day event starting on Saturday, and going onto Sunday. Exhibitors are expected to stay both days, and not leave early for the entire event.

Q)What are the dates of the Craft show?

A) The craft show,parade and festival are always the first weekend in December every year.

Q) Where is the craft Show Located?

A) The craft show is held at  Dalton Local High School, the address of the high school is 177 North Mill Street, and is located on the north side of Dalton, Ohio. The school is between north mill and State route 94. For directions please use google maps, mapblast, or yahoo maps for driving directions. There are also other handy tips in our crafters guide listed under forms above.

Q) I am a representative for "______", may I rent a space in the craft show?

A) New for 2016 we are now accepting a limited number of 3rd party vendors, however space is first come first serve, and only one company per category type is accepted. Which simply means, only one Mary Kay vendor, only one scentsy vendor, and so on will be accepted. The early bird will get the worm, so fast response is needed to be accepted.

Q) I hand make items that people eat, are all food type items allowed in the show?

A) The festival sells its own food items, so we do not allow others to sell items which contain foods in the show. Examples would be no brownies in a jar, no candy bar bouquets, or  bags of  popcorn to be popped, ect.

Q)How many booths or vendors will be in the show?

A) Last year we had just over 90 booths rented for the show, the total spaces available are 91. The number of spaces change month by month, register early to get the booth you like, registration is first come, first served.

Q)What are the sizes of the booths offered?

A) All booths in the gym are 8ft by 10ft, and booths in the hall are 4ft by 10ft. Hall spaces are preferred by those who like a less noise, we have good traffic in all areas, open the a craft application to view our booth map.

Q)Is there Electric available?

A) Yes there is, but it is very limited. Reserve your booth early to ensure you get a booth with electric.

Q)May I sell baked goods in my booth?

A) No, the festival sells their own baked goods at Mrs. Claus' Pantry. Which features this area's finest Amish baked goods, candies, and desserts.

Q)Do all my items need to be of a Christmas theme?

A) No, guests, and visitors come to our show in many shapes and sizes, and while this a Christmas theme'd event, people will buy gifts for a variety of tastes. The joy of shopping at the show is the inventiveness, and the skill of the craftsmanship which delight people of all ages!

Q)I make candles, may I light them to demonstrate?

A) No, the Fire Marshal strictly forbids any, and all open flames no matter the intension, or use.

Q)Do I need a license to sell items at your show?

A) We strongly suggest you purchase a license, however the burden of proof is up to you the exhibitor. Please go to  www.ohiobusinessgateway.ohio.gov.  for more information concerning licenses.

Q) I have submitted an application to the show, but I have not yet heard if I have been accepted, how will I know I am so I can get stuff ready for the show?

A) Exhibitors who apply will be judged by a panel from the craft committee, after they are accepted exhibitors will be sent an email first, then a letter by mail which will include all show details, and booth number. If any exhibitor has not received either an email or letter in the mail then your application is still being considered. Please be kind to remember that our committee is made up of many volunteers who donate their time, although isn't a full time job, we make every effort to be prompt as possible, so please be patient with us. If you wish to know your application status, email the committee for a fast and easy confirmation.