Recent Dalton Holidays Festival Press Release

DALTON, OH – Ever in the spirit of the holidays, the Dalton Holidays Festival is giving back to its community. As a result of this past year’s generous community support, the festival provided donations to local entities in an effort to help these organizations continue their important missions. The Boy Scouts Local Troupe, Girl Scouts Local Troupe, Dalton Methodist Church, Dalton Presbyterian Church, and the Dalton music boosters are among the organizations that have received donations from the Dalton Holidays Festival.

The theme of the 36th Annual Dalton Holidays Festival has been announced. “All Wrapped Up in Christmas” will take place on November 30, December 1 and 2, 2012. With a growing event and the intent to provide enjoyable features for a variety of interests, the festival committee has had its first of many planning meetings. The committee invites additional volunteers to serve, helping with planning and implementing the event. According to Doug Grim, president of the Dalton Holidays Festival, “Volunteers are an integral part of this community-driven festival. Part of a small town’s traditions are when neighbors, and friends can work towards a common goal.

There are opportunities for volunteers to assist throughout the year. Those who have helped in the past have found the experience to be rewarding, especially for the kid in all of us.”

For more information on Dalton Holidays Festival or to become a volunteer, please visit or email