Mrs. Claus' Pantry

Remember coming over to your grandmothers house, all the smells of food wafting from the kitchen, and remember how they tasted, only using the best pure ingredients like butter, eggs, sugar, and freshly churned crème? Well naturally Mrs. Claus would have used only the best ingredients, her pecan pies would use dark Kayro corn syrup, brown sugar, and her cutout cookies would be shaped like reindeer, elves, and stars which would be rolled out frosted, and sprinkled with colored sugar.

Every year we buy the best Amish baked goods, and desserts from families who cook the old fashioned way. No preservatives, using all fresh ingredients, and baked fresh the day before the festival for that just out of the oven taste. While some may know the festival or the craft show, or the parade, or even the balloon entertainers, the most sought after prize comes from families who just love these homemade treasures.

We have pies of all flavors, and sorts, cut out cookies, orange drop cookies, sweet rolls, candy, and more. All made fashioned with old world goodness, and meticulously crafted by hand, from the heart. After all those sweet memories of the holidays are not quite as complete, without the foods, and delicacies of the past.

Please stop by the festival, and enjoy the tastes of the season with a treasure from Mrs. Claus’ Pantry.