Dalton Holidays Festival

After attending a good four Christmas-themed festivals before most Thanksgiving turkeys were even purchased, it was hard to find a non-Christmas festival now that December was upon us. So I flipped back and forth between Christmas-song-playing radio stations and headed south to another Christmas festival in the village of Dalton, located between the cities of Wooster and Massillon.

Located at the Dalton High School, the Dalton Holidays Festival was underway. Beyond the main doors, you were greeted my a long hallway that held, treats from Mrs. Claus’ Pantry, works from the balloon sculptor, and a festively decorated wall.

The festival’s main draw was the presence of crafts, which filled two smaller hallways, and the entire gymnasium. Among these crafts was a definite Christmas theme. One definite bonus for festival goers, was the Kids’ area where you could leave the little ones behind to play or make crafts of their own. They even had entertainment in the auditorium to revive that holiday spirit, which included this choir performance I enjoyed.

For foodies, like myself there were wonderful holiday-ish bake sale entries to admire, and not-as-holiday-ish food items to eat although I will say that the hot dog was tasty. Fortunately, there was Mrs. Claus’ Pantry to help me get merry once more, which I did through some delicious chocolate covered pretzels.

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