Taj Rohr

Taj Rohr sings


Gospel Superstar Taj Rohr takes the stage at the festival this year Saturday December 7th at 11:00am in the Dalton High School Auditorium. This bright young 20 year old, from  Morgantown, WV who first started singing at the age of 4 has delighted audiences all around the state of Ohio. Formally trained at the Baxter School of music, he was chosen as the best performing student, and won a spot on their video broadcast tour both years there.

With powerful and moving vocals which will incite your emotions, Taj will take your breath away with each melodic chorus, and note. Come see history in the making, as Taj takes stage Saturday December 7th at 11:00am, and bear witness to the beauty in the voice of his song. Taj has just released a new Christmas Album for the holidays, you may order it online on iTunes, or you may pick up your copy after his concert. We hope to see you there!!!