2013 Dalton Holidays Festival Committee Officers

The Dalton Holiday Festival just announced their 2013 Officers:

  • Committee President- Douglas Grim
  • Committee Vice President- Jennifer Miller
  • Committee Secretary- Jocelyn White
  • Committee Treasurer- Kelly Ressler
According to President Douglas Grim, "the dates for this years festival are Friday December 6th, Saturday December 7th, and Sunday December 8th. Currently the planning committee is assessing the success of the 2012 festival, and are preparing committees for another successful event." While any festival can have a few hiccups along the way, each year is a learning experience. It is indeed our goal to grow every year, with the hopes of doing better with each achievement", said Grim.
The committee is looking for more volunteers who wish to join the planing committee, you need not be just from the local Dalton Vicinity to join. All interested parties can use the contact form on this site, to obtain from a committee member the date, and time of the next meeting.